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Da Vinci team build event
The Unauthorized Da Vinci Code
    VENUE: The historic city of London
CLIENT: Media Consultants
EVENT: Team Building venture

The Client was in the process of restructuring and had a requirement to establish and develop new working relationships within the group.

The starting point was at the client’s offices after a morning devoted to introducing new objectives to the group.

Teams were given an initial puzzle to decode to set them on their way. The event would lead them on a set route visiting strategic locations where further cryptic clues would help them continue the journey. Emphasis was laid on the need to work together at all times as there were a number of objectives which had to be undertaken which made it necessary to delegate specific tasks to individual team members whilst remaining with the rest of the team. There was a great atmosphere of friendly but keen competition and the improved interaction between team members was very evident.

The event concluded at a West End bar/brasserie where after a fun packed prize giving the teams a well-earned dinner. The teams had clearly enjoyed the challenge and the client was very satisfied with the new team spirit engendered by the whole day.



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