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althrop treasure hunt
The Althorp Orbital
    VENUE: The beautiful villages of Northamptonshire around the Althorp Estate – the final resting place of Princess Diana.
CLIENT: Large law firm
EVENT: Day out and team building for staff

This highly successful style of treasure hunt by car is adaptable to any suitable area and this is just one example in a specific location.

The teams met at a lovely village pub for a lunch briefing for the event. The task was to navigate and drive a route through a group of villages undertaking set tasks, identifying locations and solving cryptic clues within a set time and keeping within a set mileage. There was great banter and good-hearted competition much to the amusement of some of the local people and care was taken to respect the villages and especially speed limits!
The finishing point was another local watering hole for a hot buffet prior to the prize giving which took place amidst great hilarity showing that a good time had been had by all!


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