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St Paul’s and the Southbank

This event was staged for a financial services company as a staff away day. The group met for a lunchtime rendezvous at the client’s offices where the teams had lunch before the briefing for the event. The teams then set off on a walking Treasure Hunt that began at Sir Christopher Wren’s great masterpiece, St Paul’s Cathedral. The route continued over the Millennium Bridge affording great views of the capital, passing many great locations including the Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre and Southwark Cathedral. The revitalized South Bank of the Thames proved an exciting discovery for many teams and they enjoyed the buzz of the whole area. The event took place in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

There were a number of challenges that produced some surprising and at times hilarious results, which would give the group much to talk about over the coming weeks. A constructive day and morale boost for everyone.

The finishing point was a stylish French wine bar close to Southwark Cathedral where teams enjoyed sampling some great wines and buffet food.

NB The above example is a summary of one particular event. We will tailor your event to reflect specific objectives, budget, time frame, catering (if required), venues and any other specific requirements.

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Treasure Hunt St Pauls

Millenium Bridge

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