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brighton pier event
Brighton Rock

The event was staged for a large accountancy group, who held their annual conference at one of Brighton’s sea front hotels. The requirement was for a lively team building activity to take place during the afternoon of the conference. Set in the historic regency town, the participants were collected by taxi from the hotel for a two stage Treasure Hunt.

Stage one was a treasure hunt around the famous old shopping area of Brighton known as The Lanes, which included various tasks including cryptic clue solving and observation, photographic and collection challenges.

Stage two was a tour of the lavish and outlandish Royal Pavilion, home of King George IV.

The afternoon finished with cocktails (lots of beers really) and a prize giving which gave everybody plenty of time to get ready for a lavish end of conference dinner.

NB The above example is a summary of one particular event. We will tailor your event to reflect specific objectives, budget, time frame, catering (if required), venues and any other specific requirements.

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Brighton Treasure Hunt

Action Treasure Hunts Team building

Brighton Lanes Treasure Hunt

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